Discover the legendary hospitality of Mongolian nomads. Horse riding in the Orkhon river valley, observation of Przewalski horses, climbing the Khorgoo volcano, visit of Kharkhorin - the ancient capital of Mongolia -, dive into the magnificant Khuvsgol lake, massage and baths at Tsenkher hot springs and trout fishing.




-KHUVSGUL LAKE - Surrounded by majestic mountains Khovsgol lake is the most beautiful lake in Mongolia . It is an ideal place for camping, fishing and hiking. The lake is surrounded by a dozen summits over 2,000 meters high, which are covered with pine forests, and its water is so pure and clear that you can drink it. The Siberian border is very close and yaks and horses graze quietly the lush grass meadows.

-MORON - is the administrative center of Kh?sg? Aimag (province) in northern Mongolia. Good place to check your internet, buy some better food and enjoy some terrasses cafes.ᅠ

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-SHINE IDER – A typical Mongolia village, 23 km south-southeast of Mörön and 839 kilometers fromUlaanbaatar.

-TERKHIIN TSAGAAN LAKE - also known as White Lake is a lake in the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia. The Khorgo volcano is located near the eastern end of the lake and the Suman River and has a fantastic view


-TSETSERLEG - is the capital of the Arkhangai province. It lies on the northeastern slopes of the Khangai Mountains, 600 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar. It has a population of 16,553. Tsetserleg has an airport, with regular connections from and to Ulan Bator, a theatre, hotel, hospital, and an agricultural college. The main industry is food processing.

-TSENHER HOT SPRINGS - After spending so many days riding a motorbike, what could be nicer than soaking away the day?s exertions in the indoor or outdoor hot springs, coming out of the ground at 86.5 degrees centigrade.

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-TUVKHUN MONASTERY -A SMALL 2 HOURS TREK - One of most beautiful monastery complex is situated on a forested rocky mountain, on the boarder of Uvurhangai and Arhangai provinces.ᅠ

Enlightened Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar chose the place to build a monastery in 1648, when he was 14 years old. The construction of the monastery started in 1651.ᅠ


-KHARKHORIN - ancient capital of the Mongolian Unified Empire back to the XIII century and Erdene Zuu Monastery, a monastery built back in 1586 using not a single nail



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