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For those who can not ride a motorcycle or prefer physical effort, we offer mountain bikes Giant fully equipped for long trips. Mongolia is a paradise for cycling. No risk of being hit by a car, free camping, very few paved-roads that you can easily avoid, riding a bicycle can be the perfect way to experiment the magic of the steppe. With front and rear luggage racks, panniers from Ortlieb and a Vaude tent, you're all set for the big adventure

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Prices are very reasonable for equipment of good quality: 

9€ per bicycle and per day

2€ for Ortlieb front panniers

2€ for Ortlieb rear panniers

4€ for a Vaude tent

2€ for a gas stove

2€ for a sleeping bag. 

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So for the modest sum of 32€ per day, a couple who arrive empty-handed in Ulaanbaatar is ready to undertake one of the most beautiful journey. He only has to buy food in the numerous villages that abound in the steppe. You can expect to find one shop everyday.